WELCOME TO MY LITTER BOX! My name is Shadow.....my owner has been nice enough to make this homepage esp. for me!! To tell you a little about myself.....I am black with a small patch of white on my tummy and my chest. I weigh about 20 lbs....yes, I am a quite big cat. In my spare time I like to eat, sleep, and chase invisible mice :). Right now my other mommy..(yeah..for some reason I have two) MAKES me eat a half can of cat food with my dry food every time I eat!! geeze! And because my owner saved me from from starvation as a kitten after I was abandoned by my momma kitty.....I feel compelled to write a bit about her.....My owners name is Kellie Robertson. She is 20 years old, 5'7, auburn hair, and brown eyes. She is a sophomore at Knox College in Galesburg, Il. She can be found on ICQ. Her handle was Catwoman (meow). She is always the cat lover at heart. And now she's a man lover at heart. This April 11, 1998 she is getting married! Yep..gonna tie the knot. Only under the stipulation that they pay the HUGE pet deposit so she can have kitties though. I hope I scratched the surface of my litterbox for you.....if you have any questions or comments....talk to my owner on ICQ...and please sign the guestbook...she seems to really enjoy looking at who signed.....*thinks* humans!


My Owner's Pic

Kellie Robertson


This page along with all the other pages associated with this site is made with the purest form of love!

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